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Here's what you need to know about working with MAX...

What We Believe

We believe artists should succeed because they make great music, with audiences determining what great really is.

We see a world where brands are music’s biggest patrons, and artists of all sizes have  access to the resources needed

to get their music properly promoted. With this access, artists have more  autonomy over the promotion of their music

than ever before. The brands we work with put music and  artists forward, allowing you to tell your story

You’re not paired with just any brand. Our artist partnerships are determined by a transparent and authentic

relationship with the brand, because your fans know when it’s real.



Next Steps

Here’s a quick overview of what’s to come:

  • Schedule a call – You should have received an email with availabilities to meet with one of our Artist Representatives. Before getting on the phone, you’ll want to ask yourself: Does this brand make sense for me? Is the timing right? What single(s) do I want to  promote?
  • Read and sign your contract – If the partnership makes sense for you, sign your contract. Have any questions? We’re happy to answer them.
  • Background check – This is a standard procedure, and you will see everything we see.
  • Clear your music – Make sure all parties are on board so you can get your music the attention it deserves.
  • Share social media access – MAX promotes your story on your social channels to get you in front of new and existing fans.
  • Plan your video – MAX connects you with our content team to understand your story.
  • Schedule MAX video shoot  Our world-class videographers film you wherever you are to tell your story.
  • Kick back and relax – Watch as your music and your story reaches more fans across radio, streaming, social media, and more.


FAQ's From Your Peers

Who are we?

Why do you need a song cleared?

We need a song cleared by you because your music is the star of your program. We put your story and your music across FM radio, streaming, YouTube, and more. Check our samples page to hear how we will highlight your music.

How much does this cost me?

The short answer is nothing. This is free for you. We built MAX to support artists like you with promotional resources from brands. We do not collect any money from you. Even if your royalty payments increase or you have more downloads and purchases, the money is all yours (and your record label’s and your manager’s and your publisher’s and the songwriter’s).

How do you work with my publisher / label?

We work hand-in-hand with publishers, labels, publicists, and anyone else you need involved. However, we generally want you to handle the song clearing process because you have an existing relationship with your publisher. If you need us to be involved, we can be.

Why do you need Facebook / social media access?

We need access to your social media to promote you posts. We connect your Facebook account to our tech platform for a series of highly targeted and unique ads on your channel. Our platform will build anywhere from 60-80 different ad sets with different variations so we are running over 1,000 target blocks simultaneously. As we monitor the targeting blocks, we can increase or decrease the spend to optimize engagement. Our favorite example is a targeting block in Texas, where we found a correlation between the rescue dogs and country music and generated a 40% engagement rate.

What are you going to change on my social media accounts?

Everything! Just kidding. Our team is explicitly instructed not to make changes to your settings, preferences, photos, or anything else. They will leave everything as is.

Can I run the ads and share the receipt with you?

The simple answer is no. To get the results guaranteed by a MAX program, all social media program must be done through our platform.

Where will you film me?

We want to make things simple. In most circumstances, our world-class videographers can meet you anywhere in the United States. If you are touring, we are happy to work with you on your schedule. Our goal is to make your life easy.

How much time will this take?

Video shoots usually take less than a day. We generally need you for a few hours (4-5) to film a video focused on you and your story. The rest of the time will be spent working on creative social media posts. We always like to make things simple and easy!

Who else have you worked with?

MAX has worked with hundreds of signed and unsigned artists across genres, labels, management companies. We have worked with artists of all sizes, ranging from mainstream acts like Diplo and NEEDTOBREATHE, to guys in their garage cutting a first EP.

How do you select artists?

We work with brands to understand their story and what they’re trying to accomplish. Some brands like the idea of trying to break an artist or be first on the scene, while others want someone with name recognition because that fits their overall goals.

Based on their goals, we use our platform to to identify all of the artists who make sense for a program. From there, we research and contact artists to find the best matches.

P.S. If you haven’t already, make sure our platform has the most accurate, complete information by updating your artist profile(s).

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