Las Fenix

Las Fenix is a Houston-based Latin pop and norteña group comprised of five sisters: Berna (lead singer, accordion), Adela (drums), Lesli (lead vocalist), Nadia (bass), and Anahi Quintanilla (timbales).

Artist Overview

The family act started in 1999 when the four oldest sisters surprised their father by singing him songs on his birthday. Las Fenix has participated in music programs with Dr Pepper and Ford.

Brand Partnership

Las Fenix has worked on multiple campaigns with MAX. The group first worked with Dr Pepper’s Sonido Único program alongside two other artists. Following this, Las Fenix participated in the Música Ford program, which has encompassed two separate month-long campaigns thus far. All three brand-artist partnerships involved the creation of all-new video and audio content, as well as targeted reach across the web and offline.

Program Highlights

Since first starting a program with Dr Pepper, Las Fenix has run two additional programs with Ford. Las Fenix’s continued participation in MAX programs resulted from both their understanding of partnerships (rather than a more outdated sponsorship), and the success the band saw with social media. In one month-long program, Las Fenix’s Facebook page grew by more than 20,000 fans. As Las Fenix has continued navigating brand partnerships, the band has seen even more success. A video Las Fenix created in its third program with Ford accumulated more than 230,000 views in a month.