Moosh & Twist

The independent hip-hop duo Moosh & Twist contains DeQuincy "Moosh" Coleman McRae and Oliver "Twist" Feighan.

Artist Overview

The Philadelphia natives formed Moosh & Twist after discovering a mutual love of poetry and music in the first grade. Moosh & Twist, sometimes referred to as “OCD,” have opened for The White Panda, Hoodie Allen, Mike Stud, and Wale. Moosh & Twist partnered with Coors Light Music to promote their single “Woah.”

Brand Partnership

Moosh & Twist partnered with Coors Light in November and December 2015 as a part of Coors Light Music’s campaign to reFRESH Your Music. Their program targeted the duo’s hometown of Philadelphia and featured their new song “Woah.” MAX helped the group create a short docu-style video that featured “Woah” and shared their story. MAX then coordinated and pushed promotions on Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other platforms.

Program Highlights

Moosh & Twist’s partnership with Coors Light netted the hip-hop duo more than two million impressions across radio, streaming, and social media and helped open the door to new opportunites. During a meeting with MTV in December 2015, the group brought up and showed the backing from Coors Light, which their management feels pushed the song over the edge. Following the meeting, MTV added “Woah” into rotation on their music channels. Since the completion of the program, Moosh & Twist has met with Pandora and secured a sync license with the NBA.

reFRESH Your Music with Coors Light and Moosh & Twist - "Woah"