We The Ghost

We The Ghost is a post-rock group hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Artist Overview

The group, established in 2012, features Beau Tyler on lead vocals, Jocelyn Rowland on violin, Matt McHan on guitar, Bradley Jones on drums, Kristen Goss on keys, and Todd Shaver on bass. Their single “Let Me Know” was featured in Dr Pepper’s “One of a Kind Sound” program.

Brand Partnership

We The Ghost teamed up with Dr Pepper in the summer of 2015 as a part of Dr Pepper’s One of A Kind Sound music program. We The Ghost’s campaign promoted the band’s song “Let Me Know” through custom-made video and audio content, as well as a feature spot on Dr Pepper’s One of A Kind Sound website. MAX ensured that indie music listeners aged 18-34 in Oklahoma City saw or heard content associated with this partnership, whether it was on radio, social media, or streaming.

“Working with MAX and Dr Pepper has helped our new single reach #4 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart and caught the attention of more than 200 radio stations across the country.”

Buck Judkins, Artist Management
SoundCheck International

Program Highlights

We The Ghost’s program with Dr Pepper vaulted their program’s feature single “Let Me Know” to fourth overall on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart. Additionally, the Oklahoma band secured a licensing deal that led to “Let Me Know” being played at more than 100 colleges throughout the United States.